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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visa?

A travel visa is a conditional authorization granted by a country to a foreigner. Physically, a visa is usually a sticker or a stamp within the passport or on a separate document. Visas are typically issued by the embassies or local consulates of the country to be visited.

How to apply for a visa?

Some destinations might have a visa center at the airport, but usually a visa must be applied for in advance. Sometimes even in person at a consular office. In some cases you can fill the application out online and send your passport and necessary documents by mail.

You can also personally visit and communicate directly with the embassy or consulate, or you can relax and let us handle the process for you.

Why do I need a visa?

A visa gives you permission to enter and temporarily remain within, or to leave a country. Countries’ authorities have varied reasons to control the numbers of people entering, remaining in and leaving the country.
The local governments also want to ensure you will not be a burden to them: health-wise, cost-wise or in terms of criminal risk.

What visa do I need?

The type of visa you require depends mainly on the purpose of visit and the duration of stay. Immigration laws and visa procedures vary among countries. Thus, the time required for getting a travel visa can be anything between hours and months.

In some cases it is possible to expedite a visa. We provide visa expediting services for most visa types.

What information is crucial for a visa?

When requesting a visa for your trip, you have to inform the authorities of the country of destination about the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay. This information defines the length and type of visa you need.

What other documents are needed for a visa besides an application?

The documents required for a visa application vary depending on the type of visa, the applicant's nationality and the destination country.

In addition to the passport and visa photos , the most commonly required documents to the visa application are, for example, a certificate of valid travel insurance, copies of previous visas, hotel confirmation, a request letter or invitation and a copy of the plane ticket or e-ticket. In connection with the application, an explanation of income and health status may also be required.

Can a visa application be rejected?

Yes, it can. A visa application can lead to a negative result if it is filled in incorrectly or incompletely.
Applying for the wrong type of visa can also lead to rejection. For example, if the applicant for a tourist visa is deemed to intend to work in the destination country instead of tourism, a tourist visa will not be granted. Other reasons for rejections can be, for example, lack of health or travel insurance, passport expiring in the near future, ongoing criminal charges or previous entries in the criminal record, or not using the previous visa without a valid reason.

Where can I find more detailed country-specific information about visas?

If you are not sure if you need a visa or not, the easiest way is to ask us. Our staff of visa experts can help you with everything from choosing the right type of visa and completing the application to providing the invitation, expediting the visa and delivering it to the airport.