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    Visa expert

    Our travel agency is known for its expertise and good service. We deal directly with embassies and consulates and are always aware of possible congestion or exceptional situations.

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  • Nopeat Viisumipalvelut - Rustravel Oy

    Fast service

    Based on the purpose and duration of the trip, we can find out which is the cheapest, fastest, or otherwise the best visa option at the moment. At the same time, we also check other things to consider, such as the processing time and the existence of the necessary attachments according to the application.

  • Viisumipalvelu Toimisto Helsinki - Rustravel Oy

    Easily reachable

    Our office is located in Helsinki
    Ullanlinna at Tehtaankatu 12.

    For more information and assistance, please contact our office staff by phone at +358403507428 or by e-mail info@rustravel.fi.

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Rustravel Oy Ltd is a reliable Finnish travel and visa agency. We have been operating since 2002 and our customers are both domestic and foreign companies and individuals. Travel services and visas are arranged easily and quickly through us.

Russian Tourist Multiple Entry Visa (valid for 6 months) now available from us.

e-Residency of Lithuania

Lithuanian e-Residency

Lithuanian e-Residency is a program launched by Lithuania on January 1, 2021. The program allows non-Lithuanian citizens to use services provided by the Lithuanian government and other institutions, such as starting a business, filing taxes and opening bank accounts.

Learn more about e-Residency