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Frequently asked Questions

What is a visa?

A visa is a personal document attached to a passport. It can be a separate paper document, a stamp stamped on the passport or a sticker glued on. An electronic visa may also be used in some connection.

How does applying for a visa take place?

Normally, obtaining a visa always requires advance preparations and delivery of the passport to the representative office of the destination country (for example, an embassy, ​​consulate or visa office).
Exceptions to this are group visas and express visas obtained at the airport. Visa application practices vary from country to country, and it may take anywhere from a day to weeks to get a visa.

Why do I need a visa?

The visa gives permission to cross the border and stay in the country.
States may have different interests in controlling travelers to the country, their movement in the country and their departure from the country.

What visa do I need?

There are numerous types of visas for different purposes. Visa requirements depend on your nationality, length of stay in the country, purpose of the trip, destination of the trip and method of entry.

The most common visas needed for travel are a tourist visa, a transit visa or a multiple-entry visa. A tourist visa is intended for short trips and vacations. A transit visa (the same as a transit visa) entitles you to a short transit. A double or multiple entry visa entitles you to multiple entries. There can be big differences in the prices of visas.

What information do I need for a visa?

A visa is applied for the planned trip.
In the visa application, the applicant must state the desired duration of the visa and the number of planned trips. The length of the trip must be in proportion to the purpose of the trip.

What attachments are needed for the visa application?

The attachments required for a visa application vary depending on the type of visa, the applicant's nationality and the destination country.

In addition to the passport and visa photos , the most commonly required attachments to the visa application are, for example, a certificate of valid travel insurance, copies of previous visas, hotel confirmation, a request letter or invitation and a copy of the plane ticket or e-ticket. In connection with the application, an explanation of income and health status may also be required.

Can a visa application be rejected?

Yes, you can. A visa application can lead to a negative result if it is filled in incorrectly or incompletely.
Applying for the wrong type of visa can also lead to rejection. For example, if the applicant for a tourist visa is deemed to intend to work in the destination country instead of tourism, a tourist visa will not be granted. Other reasons for rejections can be, for example, lack of health or travel insurance, passport expiring in the near future, ongoing criminal charges or previous entries in the criminal record, or not using the previous visa without a valid reason.

Where can I find more detailed country-specific information about visas?

You can find more detailed country-specific information and detailed instructions on visas available through us at the beginning of this page.