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We are a travel and visa agency valued by business travelers

Rustravel is a full-service travel agency and visa agency for business travelers. We serve both domestic and international business customers in all travel arrangements.

Our office is located in Ullanlinna, Helsinki at Tehtaankatu 12 .

You can order arrangements for both individual trips and group trips from us.

We know Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union particularly well

For 20 years, our most important specialty has been visa services for Russia, Belarus, China and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Mongolia), such as Thailand and India.

Trips and visas to both Russia and the territory of the former Soviet Union are our most popular products.

When you order travel arrangements from us, we ensure you a carefree and safe trip.

Visas almost everywhere

You can easily order Russian visas from our online service. Our Russian visa products include tourist visas, single/double entry visas, multiple entry visas, group visas and visas at the customer's own invitation. You can find more detailed information about Russian visas here.

Our visa service also covers visas for China , visas for India , visas for Thailand , visas for Belarus , visas for Kazakhstan , visas for Mongolia .

Thanks to our international service, companies can order visas from us from any country. For the delivery of documents, we have entered into cooperation agreements with all major courier companies.

We also deliver visas and tickets directly to the airport.

A safe and reliable partner

We handle visa orders directly with embassies and consulates. We know the official practices and the processing of visa applications submitted through us goes smoothly as promised.

Our express visa service helps with urgent arrangements. You can also track your reservations in our online service.

Visas easier and faster

Russian visas can already be ordered directly from our online service, and our other visa products will soon be available there as well. Likewise, the electronic forms for all visas and their filling instructions can be found on our website.

Fast help is always a phone call away

Our experts can advise on all travel bookings, including obtaining the right and most appropriate visa. Visa problems are always solved quickly by calling our number 0403507428 .

Based on the purpose and duration of the trip, we can find out which is the cheapest, fastest, or otherwise the best visa option at the moment. At the same time, we also check other things to consider, such as the processing time and the existence of the necessary attachments according to the application.

We always inform our customers about changes in visa applications and unusual processing schedules for visas, and everyone can find the information in the news section of our website.

How do you reach us?

Our office is located in Ullanlinna, Helsinki, at Tehtaankatu 12 .

You can get more information and help from our office staff on phone number 0403507428 or by e-mail info@rustravel.fi . You can find all our contact information and the contact form on the contact page .

Rustravel Oy is a reliable and solvent travel and visa agency, which is liable for VAT and fulfills the obligations required by the Customer Liability Act.